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Online Chess Lessons For Beginners: Learning Chess and Discovering Its Secrets!

Below you will find the plan I recommend for you to learn how to play chess and to begin your journey in the world of the noble game... and all of this for free! If you are a beginner, I recommend that you start with the section on the rules and that you follow the links at the end of each page to continue the tutorial or to chose the lessons that fit you the best. If you have already mastered the rules, you can work on the more advanced lessons: the algebraic notation, the phases of the game (the opening, the middlegame and the endgame), the checkmate patterns, the tactics or the strategy. You can also use the menu at the top of the page to search for specific topics or navigate through the site. Have fun!
Search, guides and references
Navigate through the site's rich content by searching for specific topics, or by consulting the site map, the reference guide or the FAQ page.
Learn the chess rules
Learn the basics step by step, starting by looking at the the chessboard and the pieces as well as all the rules with a method that has already helped more than 200 000 people to master the rules of chess! Excercises will help you acquire the material, and you will be able to play a game of chess from the beginning to the end after this lesson.
Learning additional concepts
Once you have mastered the movement of the pieces and the rules, continue your discovery by learning concepts essential to your developpement: learning how to read and write a game of chess with the algebraic notation and understanding the different phases of a game of chess (the opening, the middlegame and the endgame).
Learn the checkmating patterns
Become a better player by learning how to finish your game by studying the different checkmate patterns (back-rank checkmate, epaulette mate, the smothered mate, the lethal kiss and many others). Discover the most famous mates played in history and enjoy yourself by solving puzzles and problems with the exercices.
Learning the tactics
Build up your repertoire of ammunition, learn to win and avoid traps by exploring the world of tactics: the pin, the fork, the skewer, etc. Move on to serious things by studying the combinations and by replaying the best games of the greatest tacticians.
Get an introduction to the strategies
Begin the study of the strategy by looking at chess through the perspective of science. Study the positional play by learning to get the most out of your pieces, their position on the chessboard, as well as the territory they control.