Lesson 4 - An Introduction to the Basic Rules of Chess

Here is the plan I propose for this lesson:

Ok, we understand now the chessboard and how all the pieces move.  But we are not there yet... before sitting in front of a chessboard and play a game, there is still an important thing to learn: how do we play the game?

For a beginner, it can be difficult to assimilate all the rules of the game in one single lesson.  My approach will then be to separate the explanation of the rules in two lessons: the basic rules (the current lesson) and the advanced and special rules (next lesson).

You will be able to play and understand simple games after this lesson. 

In the advanced rules lesson, we will learn exception and special cases like drawn games, the promotion and castling.

Are you ready?  Let's begin immediately by starting with the goal of the gameonline chess tutorial on the next page!