Online Chess Tutorial On The Rules of Chess

By working on the five lessons available below, and by following the suggested order, chess rules will no longer hold secrets from you. You will demystify the chessboard, the different pieces, the way they move and their value. You will also go through the basic rules of the game and learn what is a check, a checkmate, as well as some special rules like the "en passant" capture, the promotion, castling, and how a game can end in a draw. You will be able to measure your progress by doing optional (but highly recommended) exercises at the end of each lesson.
If you rather want to learn the rules faster than the step-by-step method proposed further below, you can have a look at the quick reference guide explaining all key elements of the game in one page.

Lesson 1 - Before Starting The Game Lesson 1
Learn the basic concepts about the chessboard, the pieces and how to place the pieces on the chessboard before starting the game.
Lesson 2 - How The Pieces Move Lesson 2
Learn how the pieces move (including the "en passant" capture).

Lesson 3 - Pieces' Value, Attack and Threat Lesson 3
Study the relative value of each piece based on their characteristics and learn the difference between unprotected, threatened or attacked pieces.
Lesson 4 - Basic Rules Lesson 4
In this lesson, you will learn the basic rules (the goal of the game, the check and the checkmate) and some ethical aspects that chess players must respect. You will also get an introduction to the chess problems.
Lesson 5 - Advanced Rules Lesson 5
Complete this tutorial by studying special rules applying to the game: castling, the promotion and drawn games. You will also find additionnal information about the usage of chess clocks, chess titles and the official rating system used in chess.