Lesson 8 - Famous Checkmates: Legal's mate, Damiano's mate, Gueridon's mate, Philidor's Legacy

As a conclusion to this lesson, let's jump into the "jet set" of the chess world to pick the well known and famous checkmates. Any serious player should study these checkmate patterns... at least for avoiding being trapped by one of them! A couple of these checkmates were introduced in previous lessons.

If you do not know what is a checkmate or if you need a refresh, I recommend that you go through the page introducing the checkmate before continuing.

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Previous: Reti's mate, Max Lange's mate, Opera's mate

These checkmates were inspired from old games and studies. Now that you know everything about checkmating, I encourage you to go with your own creation!

Here are some books containing checkmating puzzles.

If you want to test your checkmating skills, I propose that you try the exercises containing a lot of puzzlesonline chess tutorial before going any further.

I do not recommend it, but you can also skip the exercises and go directly to the next tutorial to explore the world of tactics.