Lesson 5 - A Complete Annotated Game Of a Simple Game Of Chess

"Avoidance of mistakes is the beginning, as it is the end, of mastery in chess."
- Eugene Znosko-Borovsky

To conclude this lesson and before we jump into the others that follow, I suggest that you replay the game below. It contains comments on (almost) every move and that will help you assimilate the rules, interaction and dynamics of a game of chess. It is a fun way to synthesize the theory we went through and also to get you prepared for your next (or first?) games.


Time to have fun!

Here we are... you know the essential and you can now play in a club or with some of your friends. If like me you develop the passion for the game, you would like to practice your favorite activity as often as possible... so in addition to a membership at your local club and participating in regional tournaments, you can register to play online and find players available from all over the world anytime, 24 hours a day! Some online sites are free, and some others require an annual fee. Fees can vary from $50 to 70$ US and usually the paying sites offer more robust conditions and some extras like free lessons, training sections or live coverage of international chess events.

You might also want to go through the quick reference guide and have a look at the Pin and Fork tactics in the "The Tactics" section. I do not recommend going through all the tactics yet as you need first to get your hand in the application of the rules and ensure that you develop your chess vision first (and of course you need to complete the exercises of the lesson!). At the beginning, it is more important to focus on not giving pieces for free to your opponent. When you feel that you are ready for the next level, you can continue your learning path with the next tutorial on additional concepts (algebraic notation, game phases)...

That concludes this tutorial... please take the time to complete the exercises available on the next page.online chess tutorial

I do not recommend it, but you can also skip the exercises and go directly to the next tutorial to learn additional and important concepts needed to continue your progression.