Lesson 1 - Before Starting The Game: Solutions To The Exercises

Below are the solutions to the exercises of this lesson.


1. How many pawns each player has at the beginning of the game?  8
2. Which color the bottom-left square must be when preparing the chessboard before the game?  Dark
3. Give the name of the squares identified in this chessboard:
a) blue square

Question 3 diagram
b) red square?   d5
c) black square?   b7
d) yellow square?   c1
e) purple square?   f4
4. What are the center squares? d4, d5, e4 et e5
5. a) What are the kingside's columns? e, f, g et h
b) What are the queenside's columns? a, b, c et d
6. Associate the pieces with their name by using the number you fill find beside the image:
a) the king 4
1. Image 1 4. Image 4
2. Image 2 5. Image 5
3. Image 3 6. Image 6
b) the bishop 3
c) the pawn 6
d) the queen 2
e) the knight 1
f) the rook 5
7. Please indicate the starting square of the following pieces:
a) white queen? d1
Empty Chessboard
b) black kingside bishop?  f8
c) black queenside rook?  a8
d) white pawn in front
of the king?  
e) white kingside knight?  g1
f) black queen?  d8
g) black king?  e8
h) black pawn in front
of the kingside rook? 
i) white king?  e1
j) white queenside bishop ?  c1

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