Lesson 2 - How The Chess Pieces Move: General Rules

Here is the plan I propose for this lesson:

Ok, so now we have a battle field and 2 armies ready to have some action... but do we know how to handle them? Do we know the forces and weaknesses of our soldiers?

In this lesson, we will study the pieces' characteristics and the way they move. We will learn the good and bad things about each piece which will bring some basic strategy ideas. At the end of the lesson, you will be able to work on practical exercises so you can rapidly master the subject discussed in this lesson.

There are some rules fitting to all pieces. When they move, they can occupy en empty square or capture an enemy piece occupying an available square. When a piece is being captured, it is withdrawn from the board. We will see later that the king is the only piece that cannot be captured. Also, all pieces is forbidden to jump over other pieces (friends of foes), except for the knights. If a piece cannot move because of another one being in its path, we called it a "blocked" piece. Blocking our opponent's pieces is a useful strategy sometimes as an efficient development scheme can be difficult to reach in that case.

Let's start the lesson with the next page so we can learn how the pawn movesonline chess tutorial.